What are core values? They are a small set of vital and timeless guiding principles for our company, our DNA.

Our core values will serve as a guide to know what is expected, how to behave and how to make decisions every day.

1) 💎 Simple is Beautiful

Simple = Beautiful.

Simple = Elegant.

Simple = Harder to achieve.

Simple = High quality.

We strive for simplicity in all aspects of our business. Less is more. Simple is harder to achieve and must be practiced. All members of the team must prioritize, reduce scope and complexity. The speed with which we can iterate is directly related to how complex we have made things. Simple is materialized in the following areas:

We must always seek quality. Everything we build must be thoughtful, designed to create a simple and delightful experience for our users and team. Magic is in the details.

2) ♥️ Empathy

Be generous, caring, and considerate with everyone you cross paths with in the business. Showing humility and balancing ego should be practiced. Our team should listen first (we have two ears and one mouth so shouldn't we listen twice as much as we speak?), act second. Empathy is materialized in two areas:

3) 📊 Results

Work hard and maximize your impact. This company exists to build a world-class product and business. This can only be achieved with hard work. It's about measuring results, not hours. Our team prioritizes productivity over striving for perfection. Apply the Pareto principle of generating 80% of your impact from 20% of effort. Productivity is materialized into three aspects: